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Our society puts much emphasis on the external. We are made to believe that if we acquire something, or someone, our life will be better, happier and more fulfilling. The truth is that until we are happy and fulfilled with ourselves, we will always be in search of more external "things". 

Wisdom Coaching can help you dive back into your inner knowing. Everything manifests with the self, internally before it reaches our outer, external, world. Each session is organic in flow, though at first their is an initial question or situation that usual prompts you on your search.

My coaching is for those who are ready to face themselves fully, ready to face the shadow and be whole. Are you ready to look at and heal the parts which you have once deemed "ugly", "unacceptable" or "unlovable"? Working with me means that you are ready to travel that dark road within yourself. Getting to the root of what you feel is holding you back takes have to be willing to look at the pain. 

We all want to live a happy and successful (I use that word liberally, you define success in your life), and we think that running and hiding from the not so happy parts is what will bring us that life. The irony is that running from these things only assures that they will be forever present, forever having a say in your life. It is when we stop running and turn to face the illusions and the pain, that they if given there due, disappear from us forever. 




$234 for 3 one hour sessions


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