"Our Journey is about being more deeply involved in life and yet, less attached to it"

— Ram Dass


 I am so very happy that you found my website. I look forward to hearing your story and how I can assist you along your journey.

So now a bit about me....I started this spiritual journey in 2012. I heard about Reiki, while in esthetics school, and decided to find out more. A few months later I took Reiki I and that catapulted me in to a new world so to speak.

I can tell you that really "walking the talk" is AMAZING, LIFE-ALTERING, and MAGICALHowever, it is HARD, SCARY and most times it is MESSY, and at times you feel alone. This journey is not always easy, yet it is so WORTH IT

I have found through my experiences, that having someone to talk to, give you another perspective and hold space for the changes you are trying to implement is extremely important. A person that knows you are NOT crazy, just evolving into your true self. Just as a midwife cannot birth your baby, but having her there for the unexpected moments, to check in and let you know that this is all apart of the process.

It is my hope that I can be that for you!.