The Witches Are Coming...

I ran across this phrase on Facebook a few weeks ago and it really stuck with me. It stirred something in my soul and recognition of a knowing that I was previous unaware of.

Now first let me define "witch" as I see it. Witch to me is not the old hag, luring unsuspecting people to witch to me is a woman who is authentically herself. She is done with the rules of society that tells her what a woman is and what a woman should or should not do. Like all things, that cannot tamed or understood, name calling is a result. Derogatory names help build a cause against a person or an idea.

Hmm lets think about this....Here is a woman who is living in a way that feels good to her, not bothering anyone, not trying to "convert" anyone to her way of living, just be authentically herself. This bothers the real question is why...why does it bother someone??? Im sure people can give a million different reasons, but if you know me :-), I want to dive beneath the  surface, face value explanations no...we must go deeper. In truth we are only bothered and against something because we are triggered. Triggered because we want to live like this woman but feel we can't, we are afraid of being judged so in turn we judge. Maybe you feel like if everyone begins to see how truly happy this woman is and other will want this and it will change the way of things. You are afraid of change, afraid of losing power, your sense of control.... YES now we are getting somewhere, but I digress back to the witches

Would it scare you off if I told you that I resonate with Witch? Yes as I walk outside everyday feeling the crisp air and the colorful leaves and the darkness creeping in earlier, I feel a sense of peace enter me. The Witches are coming, honestly we are already here but it is our time to shake up some shit. We are no longer in hiding and our very presence is stirring the cauldron. What about you? Do you feel the call of the Witch within you?