What if you knew your purpose this life.....


Ascended Numerology is science that was practiced in antiquity by the ancient Essenes. After the burning of the Library of Alexandria, this knowledge was lost to the masses and was kept dormant until the planet was once again ready to receive this profound gift! 

Through the art of Arithimacy, the science of assigning letters to numbers, we are able to unlock the codes of the soul. Using your birth name, birthplace and birthdate, we create what is called your diamond foundation. There is much to be learned and integrated from this information alone. A reading is meant to bring clarity to one's experiences and gifts, so that we may begin to see our life as an ever refining oppourtunuty for growth and mastery.

There are 3 type of Readings using Ascended Numerology; Diamond Foundation, Life Review/Soul Expansion and Questions


Diamond Foundation Reading  $99

The diamond foundation gives you insight in to the gifts that your soul came into form with this life time. Using the birth name, location and date, we find a fourth number, the Master Soul Code. These four numbers help you gain clarity on your gifts and purpose this life. This reading offers you the connection to your authentic self.

Life Review / Soul Code Expansion  $149

This session expands beyond the initial interpretations of the Diamond foundation. It is in this reading that you can begin to understand the meanings/lessons behind different events in your life. During this reading you can see how people, important dates, name changes impact you life journey. Her is also were we can expand on your diamond foundation with different crystals/minerals, chakras and Rudraksha beads can assist you. This reading can help you see your life's "Bigger Picture" and bring you clarity.

This reading can be broken into two sessions. Some people wish to have time to integrate the information from their Diamond foundation and then go over the remaining information. This is your choice as to what works best for you. A two session reading is $179.

Questions  $99

This session as do all Ascended Numerology sessions, begin with the diamond foundation, and then answering of your specific questions. This sacred science has the ability to answer any questions and help bring you more insight about your soul's journey.